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Stepped 2-Post Mounting System*
Price: $389.00
Shipping (continental US): $30.00
Choose Post Height/Color

This Stepped Post PVC mounting option adds a wider look to your overall sign. The inside posts are 5" x 5" and the outside attached posts are 4" x 4". They are available in 4', 6' and 7.5' heights. Choose size and color above. All posts have the flatter pyramid style caps as shown. Easy assembly instructions included with sign. FREE SHIPPING promotion does not apply to this oversized item.

Note: When you order this 2-post mounting system with your sign, the signboard comes with tabs on either side that will slide into a precut channel in the sign posts. We then supply you with special clips that attach to sign on the inside of the signpost. This results in a clean look with no exterior mounting screws or brackets showing. If you order just the sign from us and try to mount it on posts that you supply...it will be hard to do and not give you the clean-look desired. Thats why we refer to it as our "sign mounting system".